The Cinderella Rules

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Bestselling author Donna Kauffman has published more than fifty titles, many of which have been translated into more than a dozen languages. She began her career by writing under the Loveswept imprint.

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She later moved on to write paranormal and… More about Donna Kauffman. What makes a book Chick Lit?

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A story where the main protagonist is a young woman who is struggling to make sense of her life. The ending, while not necessarily wrapping up her life in a tidy bow, usually winds up with the heroine feeling a sense of hope about the direction her life is heading.

What was the first Chick Lit book you read? Who do you think is the audience for Chick Lit? I think the audience is still forming for this genre. Initially the target was probably the leagues of young, single, city girls who represent or did earlier on the typical heroine in these stories. In reality, I think the audience is far more wide ranging than that.

As an example, coming from a romance fiction background, I see a large percentage of that readership — all ages — readily embracing this genre. Does Chick Lit have to be funny to work? But the genre has grown quickly and has already expanded well beyond those boundaries. And while the pov character does have a certain sarcastic wit, the book is by and large an emotional and very moving story. Yet, it still definitely falls within the chick lit genre and will appeal to that audience.

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The genre may have evolved from a group of stories about struggling young women finding their way in life with humor and panache, but again, I think it has progressed beyond those limitations, if indeed any limitations ever existed. I think Chick Lit, much like romance or any other form of genre fiction, is still defining itself.

As it grows, as the readership grows with it, it will continue to morph and change to reflect both the expectations and experiences of its readers, and of its writers.

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Fashion and beauty magazines — and in fact, our entire culture — surround women with images that often make them feel they are inferior. Do you think that Chick Lit, where women admit failure and address body issues and make mistakes, allows women to feel better about themselves? It may be empowering to some degree.

Tell us about a scene or a character in one of your books that you are particularly proud of. I feel like every scene plays an important part of the developing story, so to try and underscore one in particular is hard.

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They are a group of strong women who face down the challenges life tosses their way with grit and determination. And, okay, a little attitude as well. What scene in your own books are you most surprised you wrote?

The Cinderella Rules Book Summary and Study Guide

As it turns out, Shane Morgan is heir to a long-established Washington dynasty who is home to sort through the empire he reluctantly inherited. After spending years leading a rather bohemian life, he cannot wait to sell off his inherited empire and return to his nomadic ways.

His position in Washington society — and the subtle matchmaking of the three godmothers — brings him into contact with Darby many times during her stay. What starts as a mere flirtation progresses quickly into something deeper and, ultimately, more meaningful as Darby and Shane eventually spend a weekend being dragged through the Washington charity benefit circuit.

While love at first sight is often difficult to believably write, Kauffman does it well here. Both Shane and Darby have a lot of uncertainties and mixed feelings to sort through, but somehow they make it work.

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Neither one is a huge fan of big city society, but they come by their bias in different ways and, since each helps the other in confronting the past, they complement one another. The three fairy godmothers from Glass Slipper may help things along from time to time and Mr. Of the secondary characters, the three fairy godmothers are well-drawn and move the story along without being cheesy or too good to be true. Man-crazy Vivian is particularly funny.

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In fact, my only major beef with this book involved an unnecessary suspense subplot that popped up toward the end. The story was just fine without it, and this unneeded section was really the only thing that kept this book from hitting my keeper shelf. If you enjoy Chick Lit or simply long for a romantic contemporary love story, this may be the book for you.

The characters are down-to-earth and likable, and it makes a reader wish for some fairy godmothers of her own. admin