Got Jesus?---You’ve Got It All!---: How God Sees You In Christ

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Must everyone give up all his possessions? If so, there are few who follow Jesus. But if not, then what does He mean? But, clearly, there must be some drastic changes in how we live when we follow Jesus. So, what does it mean to forsake all to follow Christ? It means at least three things:. For the rich young ruler, his gold had become his god. It was his idol, and he had to let it go in order to trust in Christ for eternal life. The love of the things of this world is an idol for many who profess to know Christ.

We like those things. We spend our lives collecting things. We accumulate so much stuff that we have to build bigger barns we call them garages to store it in. But in light of eternity, no earthly possession will really matter. Others cling to other sins: We cannot cling to known sin and claim to be following Christ at the same time. He demands our exclusive commitment. It means giving God a blank check with my life and letting Him fill in the amount.

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It means enthroning Christ as the rightful Lord of everything I am and have. So I handed God the blank check. The next thing I heard about was a church in Churubusco, Indiana that needed a pastor. So I told the church there to send me the information. It never came in the mail, and meanwhile, some opportunities in California came along, including the church where I eventually served for 15 years.

The Lord just wanted me to be willing to go wherever He wanted me. That has happened several other times since then. Seeking first His kingdom means committing yourself to whatever God wants you to do with your life. Have you given Him the blank check? Remember, if you delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart Ps. Sometimes He grants your desires; at other times, He changes your desires to match His desires.

But, you can trust the loving Father to do what is best when you give yourself fully to His cause. Before I leave this point, I want to comment on forsaking family relationships to follow Christ. Some, such as missionary greats C. Studd and David Livingstone in the past century, and Bob Pierce, the founder of World Vision in this century, have literally left their wives and children for the sake of the gospel.

But, tragically, his oldest daughter committed suicide and his wife and other children had severe emotional problems stemming from his neglect. On the other side, some have refused to go to the mission field because of potential damage to their children. Each person has to wrestle with this honestly before the Lord, and the answer may vary between families. For me, it would be wrong to take on the responsibilities of marriage and family and then take on a ministry that requires me to be gone from my family for large blocks of time.

Many pastors in the U. But if I do not manage my own household well, which includes loving and training my children, then I am not qualified to be a church leader 1 Tim. If I were called to serve overseas, I would insist on my children living with me during their younger years, and not being sent off to mission boarding school. If my wife had to cut back on mission work to home school the children, so be it. God has given the task of rearing children to parents, not to mission boarding schools. But we can go too far in the other direction, making an idol out of our families.

We emphasized missions with our children from the time that they were toddlers.

No Matter What Happens God is With You |

We realized then that the result might be that someday they would move to another continent to serve Christ. To follow Christ means to walk daily in fellowship with the gracious Savior who loved me and gave Himself for me. It means to know the living God and to have the joy of using my life for His kingdom. In other words, focus on the joy of knowing Christ and serving Him, not on the so-called sacrifices that you must make. When I got married, I gave up my independence. I also incurred a lot of bills that I never had when I was single.

When we had kids, I lost even more of my free time and I got hit with even more bills! But I rarely ever think of those sacrifices. Because I enjoy the relationships with my wife and children far above any so-called sacrifices that those relationships cost me.

No Matter What Happens God is With You

Walk in daily fellowship with Him, and you hardly think of what you have given up. The pleasures of this world pale in comparison with the pleasure of knowing the Savior.

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The sacrifices of time, money, and hardship that you encounter in serving Christ are nothing compared with the joy of knowing Him. That leads us to the blessings:. The motivation for following Christ should not be just to get the benefits. But He graciously reassures us by telling us of the promised benefits. If you give up anything for Christ, He promises that you will receive many times Mark If I could offer you an investment that is guaranteed to make you percent, you would jump at it! But Jesus offers you an investment that pays 10, percent in this life, backed by the bank of heaven!

Everyone who forsakes all to follow Christ is grossly overpaid! How can you refuse such an offer? If you give up your house to follow Jesus, He gives you hundreds of homes, all around the world. You may give up your family ties, but He puts you into His worldwide family, with brothers and sisters all over the globe.

Next month, Marla and I are going to the Czech Republic to minister. A man whom we have never met has already emailed me and told me that he will meet us at the airport and that we can stay with him and his wife in Prague. Wrap me, enfold me Cradle me, hold me Fill me, heal me Still me, embolden me In your lovely presence.. Our sin nailed Him to the Cross Our sin guaranteed our loss What kind of love is this that pays so dearly That we the guilty ones.. Yield your will to the will of your Father Yield your body to the flame of His holiness Find yourself in Him, surrender all to Him Surrender all and you will gain the Kingdom.

The Canton Spirituals "Glad I've Got Jesus"

Because of the Cross I am always loved 1John 4: Because of the Cross I belong in heaven 2Cor 5: All is well, His return is near All is well, He banishes fear Can you see the vision clear, all is well All is well, His return is close Escorted by the heavenly host I can see the vision uppermost, all is well. Nearer to the one who really loves me Stronger than death x2 Nearer to the one who will carry me To my last breath x2. Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.

It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Song of Solomon 8. Closer to the day of my death than the day of my birth Closer to the bosom of God than the womb of the earth Nearer to the one who really loves me stronger than death Nearer to the one who will carry me to my last breath. What Makes You A Christian? I just wanna be a sheep ba ba ba baa I just wanna be a sheep ba ba ba baa I pray the Lord my soul to keep I just wanna be a sheep ba ba ba baa. Do you believe it? Do you receive it? Well, if you love the Lord Then the Lord will set you fre e. Ooh Ooh Glory Hallelujah!

Ooh Ooh Glory Hallelujah…. Well, if you love the Lord Then the Lord will set you free. Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day It reminds me of the love you gave to me I want to reflect your love To the people that I meet.

Song list:

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day It reminds me of the love you gave to me I want to reflect your love To the people that I meet today. You gotta love God first, love God first Not 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th you gotta love God first Now the others are important But not as important as this: You gotta love God first.

Nothing can ever separate me From the love of my Lord Nothing now or in my future Will take the love of my Lord. Wakarimasita, wakarimasita ka Wakarimasita, wakarimasita ka X2 I see, do you see? I understand, do you understand? During when I returned to Auckland to finish my degree I met a group of Asian students who helped broaden my view of their culture.

We did many things together, shared cultural meals went on holiday and just sat around and talked between classes. As most of the Kiwi friends were Christian, religion would often come up as a topic and we would discuss the traditions and fears of different types of religion verses the relationship that we can have with God through Jesus. A key phrase during this time became Wakarimashita, Wakarimashita Ka? As we would check for understanding and clarification about different issues. As a result of our friendships two of the students became Christians which was pretty awesome and hopefully they have been able to grow in their faith and influence their families and communities.

The words Wakarimashita, Wakarimashita Ka were chosen for the chorus in memory of those friends. Singing halle-hallelujah praise the Lord, yee-ha!

1. God loves you and has an incredible future planned for you.

Singing halle-hallelujah, Halle-hallelujah Singing halle-hallelujah praise the Lord, yee-ha! Let the little children come unto Me Let the little children come unto Me And hinder them not, and hinder them not As for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Let the little children come unto Me Let the little children come unto Me Believe like a child, believe like a child As for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. And lead me in the way, everlasting.

Have mercy on me O God According to your unfailing love According to your compassion Blot out my transgression.. Hide your face from my sins And blot out my iniquity Let me hear joy and gladness Let the bones you have crushed rejoice! Then I will teach the fallen of your ways To lead their hearts from sin back to you For the sacrifice acceptable to God Is a broken spirit A broken and a humble heart You wont despise, you wont despise.

If the song you are looking for is NOT here, please contact us. Copy one song at a time by following these steps: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem May those who love you prosper May there be peace inside your walls For the sake of the House of the Lord 3. Jerusalem is a city restored In beautiful order and harmony This is where the tribes come up To give thanks to the Lord by Jules Riding Copyright , Elkanah Music www.

Jesus took our weary burdens And cast them into the sea Jesus let His body be broken To let the broken be free 2. As the sap surrenders to the flow in the branches The vine is renewed and brings forth its fruit As the vine surrenders its branches to the sunlight The fruit is ripened and ready to eat 2. I love to be in your presence Love to feel you near Love to have you holding me To take away my fear, my fear 2. This cup poured out for u, the new covenant in my blood I stand before you Lamb My life poured into your life, all yours poured into mine I stand before you Lamb 3.

Your blood it cleanses me, it brings healing release I stand before you Lamb Redeeming sacrifice, Gods eternal masterpiece I stand before you Lamb 4. I give you glory for your blood, all heaven worships You I stand before you Lamb of God Jesus you were slain from the creation of the world I stand before you Lamb of God 5. I saw heaven standing open And there before me was a white horse Whose rider is called Faithful and True With justice he judges and makes war 2.

His eyes are like blazing fire And on his head are many crowns He has a name written on him That no one but he himself knows 3. A ruined sunset of derision A fallen catastrophe of lies A nest of inferiority and failure A straight jacket that binds Oh and what will you do with me? admin